What is Gobaga all about?

Gobaga: Try new things; Work quickly; Move forward -- For You.

Gobaga seeks to surmount technological challenges through rapid technological innovation, encouraging quick, low-cost action that provides valuable input over expensive, long-term speculation that fails to yield any actual results. Gobaga has no ingrained product base that narrows innovation scope or imposes infrastructural confinement. Our “product” is finding and developing new technologies that work in real-world settings with real users. Consequently, we are able to fully address your problems and provide you better solutions, faster. We believe that the best way to solve problems is to think fast, determine several well-founded paths of action, try them and fail in early prototype phases when costs are lowest and all results are informative and valuable. This allows us to learn a great deal in a short time and better address the needs of our customers at lower overall cost.

Gobaga meets the demand for confidential, USA-based research and development of proprietary applied technology. The solutions Gobaga develops for you are your solutions.

Gobaga proudly operates in the spirit of 1950's Hughes Aircraft, 1960's NASA-JPL, and 1970's Xerox-PARC.

The word "Gobaga" is of ancient Sumerian origin. Roughly translated to modern English, it means "On Time and Under Budget."