Grow Your Career with Gobaga

At Gobaga we apply creativity and deep knowledge to solve challenging technical problems. We find that our work is both intellectually rewarding as well as financially rewarding.

We value creativity in problem solving just as much as we value experience and technical knowledge. This is because we choose to take on real-world problems where solutions are not immediately apparent. The solutions we deliver are not ivory-tower, laboratory-only idealizations. We create real solutions that work in the real world -- actual production environments, deployed operations in extreme conditions, and places far away from supply & repair depots. Such problems require resourcefulness & creativity to solve.

At Gobaga solutions come from the bottom up -- from creative, intelligent, communicative people just like you. Our strength comes from this. We do not dictate top-down how you must "solve" a problem, or that it must conform to our existing products. We allow you the freedom to best solve the problem on behalf of our customers.

If you are a creative and intelligent technologist, engineer or scientist with excellent interpersonal communications skills, please consider growing your career with Gobaga. For any position with Gobaga, please write a one- to two-page description of work/ projects/ research you have conducted, creative solutions that you have tried, successes and failures encountered, and how your work fits within the big picture. Feel free to tell us funny stories, scary stories and interesting stories. Please allow your personality to shine through your writing, as we do not hire robots. (Sorry, Tom Servo.) Do not include any proprietary information.

You may email your writings and other information to

Staff Scientist

We are looking for well-qualified, collaborative scientist-leaders to join our research and development team. People we are looking for are highly creative individuals with background in optics, laser science, materials, analytic chemistry, topology, combinatorics, analytical mathematics, cryptography, sensors, high-energy particles, non-Newtonian fluids, or quantitative finance. Our staff scientists both develop new technologies and educate our customers and other R&D team members in the use and application of those technologies. Experience with a variety of numberical techniques (Monte Carlo, FDTD, FEM, Neural Nets, NLP) would be a valuable asset. A PhD is typically held by scientist members of our R&D team, but is not required.

Electrical Engineer

Gobaga seeks well-qualified electrical engineers to join our research and development team. Are you a creative person with background in hardware engineering, antenna design, RADAR and LIDAR hardware, FPGAs, or electromagnetics simulation? Do you enjoy challenging engineering problems for which there are no ''textbook'' or canned solutions? Maybe you've been developing CDMA phones or telecom transceivers for a while but know that you can branch out to something new. Extend your career and grow your flame with Gobaga. A MS degree is typically held by electrical engineering members of our R&D team, but is not required.

Software Engineer

Our R&D team is increasingly finding that their solutions involve several layers of software. While the majority of our software needs are met directly by our R&D team members, we need additional assistance taking our prototype code from the R&D stage to the production stage. In the one- to two-page description of your work please tell us how you could help Gobaga better transition its software from R&D to production. While all experiences are opportunities for learning and growth, we do not ascribe to any of the boxed-solution, catch-phrase-of-the-month software "methodologies" (agile, scrum, five sigma, ninjas, full stack, sticky fingers, Dothraki, Cthulu-Lyte, etc.). A BA/BS degree is typically held by software engineering members of our team, but is not required.

Working at Gobaga is Inclusive and Diverse

Gobaga believes that a diverse and inclusive workplace leads to better products and services for our customers. As our workforce evolves to reflect the growing diversity of our communities and marketplace, the ability to leverage different perspectives for innovation and problem solving becomes increasingly important. Diversity and inclusion are foundational to Gobaga's culture, fueling our business growth by allowing us to attract, retain, and develop our nation's best engineering and scientific talent.

Gobaga maintains a work environment free from discrimination, one where employees are treated with dignity and respect. All employees share in the responsibility of fulfilling Gobaga's commitment to equal employment opportunity. Gobaga does not discriminate against any employee or applicant on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, national origin or ancestry, age, disability, marital status, pregnancy, protected veteran status, protected genetic information, political affiliation, or any other characteristics protected by local laws, regulations, or ordinances. We adhere to these principles in all aspects of employment, including recruitment, hiring, training, compensation, promotion, benefits, and discipline. In addition, it is the policy of Gobaga to provide reasonable accommodation to qualified employees who have protected disabilities including pregnancy-related disability.

Wheh! That was a lot to say, and we think it was very important.

Gobaga is as proud of its employees as it is its technologies. Both speak volumes about we have and will continue to accomplish.