Gobaga Technologies

Gobaga Environmental Technologies Environmental Technologies
- Sludge & biosolids dewatering
- Laboratory analytic services
- Nanofiltration and Ultrafiltration
- Advanced ceramic filters for chemical processing
- Ecosystem change monitoring
Gobaga Integrative Mapping & Data Science Integrative Mapping & Data Science
- Population studies
- Quantitative marketing
- Deep data mining
- Public Health monitoring and analysis
- Advanced Geographic Information Systems
Gobaga Signal Processing Technologies Signal Processing
- LIDAR algorithms
- Advanced RADAR analysis
- Ultra-Low signal-to-noise extraction techniques
- Time-Frequency analysis
- Stochastic filtering
Gobaga's Modeling & Simulation Capabilities Modeling & Simulation
- Choice modeling
- Monte Carlo
- Neural Networks
- Combinatorial Optimization
- Neural Nets, FEM, CFD, FDTD
- Full electromagnetics & Maxwell solver
Gobaga Defense, Security & Surveillance Defense, Security & Surveillance
- Positioning & Guidance
- Remote sensing in optical, infrared, 0.1 - 100 GHz
- Border security
- Decision support systems
- Covert synthesis & data fusion

Gobaga Mission and Values

Our Mission

Gobaga seeks to solve challenging technical problems on behalf of our customers.

We work tirelessly to ensure that our solutions fit perfectly with our customers' needs.

Our Values

Gobaga's values are deeply engrained in all aspects of our business.

- Primacy of Customer Centricity.
- Technological Innovation.
- Integrity and Excellence.